Lyndhurst Road

Amalgamation of 2 residential units | Interior design | Garden renovation

Type: private house
Area: 210 sqm
Location: London UK
Status: completed
Year: 2016.

What we did?

12 Lyndhurst Road is a large family house sitting at the end of a row of Edwardian properties on Hampstead hill. The building itself was converted over the years into two apartments so our client’s brief was to reinstate the whole building into one family home by reincorporating the basement flat with a garden into the dwelling. Family with three young children needed a safe space for kids to play inside and outside the house. Basement was conceived as mainly children’s play area, with a guest bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room.

The garden which was entirely in cascades and bushes was completely neglected so the decision was to level everything and free up as much space as possible to make a room for kids to safely run and play. We came up with solution that maximize the use and provide the client’s family with an enjoyable setting to play, entertain and relax.