Horn Lane

Commercial to residential conversion

Type: private apartment
Area: 67.5 sqm
Location: London UK
Status: completed
Year: 2016.

What we did?

Working on this conversion was a challenging task as it meant designing an apartment in a space that one housed offices. Linear floor layout naturally imposed long corridor from the main entrance to the back of the space away from the traffic noise. There we set an open plan kitchen and a dining room. A night zone was packed alongside the corridor on the right, and a large storage space on the left. The central light- well terrace was introduced between kitchen-living and one of the bedrooms, allowing natural light and access from both of the areas.

Bedroom at the front next to the entrance featured big shop front that had to remain as it is. The solution was to use instead of the existing window a soundproof double glazed sandblasted window, disabling views from the street but still allowing plenty of natural light. Interior furnishing was carried out completely by the client.