Dorset House

Refurbishment with interior and furniture design

Type: private apartment
Area: 92 sqm
Location: London UK
Status: completed
Year: 2018.

What we did?

The apartment is situated in one of the most impressive Art Deco style complexes of flats built in central London that enjoy it’s place in the Listed Building register. In recognition to that through design process special attention was paid to rejuvenation of the original elements of décor that were lost in previous alternations as well as recognising and preserving the authentic details in the space in its original Art Deco style.

[entertainings space]

Bespoke furniture designed for the apartment is intentionally simple with sleek lines not to interfere with authentic elements in the apartment. Wooden textures in it’s natural tone are prevalent.


Kitchen space is very airy, bright and functional, white coloured with earthy toned details.

[calming space]

Balancing with the history and the clients brief, the design process resulted in a contemporary stylish family apartment of hotel-like comfort. Simple and clean lines, warm neutrals, and cosy bedroom spaces create a sense of calm.

[ritual space]

As one of the main features throughout the whole apartment, large authentic art deco windows allowed to use the light as a main motive in the design. Filtered and natural light played a key role in creating the space that sets the mood for self-improvement and personal wellness.

photo: luminaimg