Reconstruction | Refurbishment | Interior design

Type: disco grill
Area: 150 sqm
Location: Belgrade RS
Status: completed
Year: 2016

What we did?

Brief for this project was an experimental concept American style diner that works around the clock, and host afterparties in one of the recent Belgrade night life district’s Cetinjska.

The name of the place ‘Foodporn’ was part of the brief from the very beginning, so spontaneously our design concept went on to explore and accentuate the inextricable bond between the food and corporeality, between the hunger and sexuality, that both are core human instincts.

The layout of the space was subordinated to the kitchen that occupied the central part of the space and is open to the guest views where the process of cooking could be seen and experienced. Next to the kitchen was a closed box auxiliary space used as a storage for the produce and for kitchen utensils.